Government Account

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Government Account

ICB recognizes the need for Government institutions for their daily and monthly banking transactions. ICB offers services to Government Institutions such as bulk salary management, investments and project completions.

  • Unlimited transactions
  • Free monthly statement of account
  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Access to international payments
  • Salary transfer packages
  • SMS notifications
  • Free online Banking tool to your accounts
  • Unlimited online transfer through online
  • Access to ICB Business Financing opportunities.
  • Filled ICB application form/ KYC and Specimen signature card
  • Appointment letter/official document for the Minister
  • Letter from Ministry of Finance (MOF) stating to open an account.
  • Authorized persons for dealing with the account, limits of such person and authority signed by the Minister or deputy Minister or general Director (Agasime guud). And when new Minster appointed or make any changes, the bank should be notified about those changes
  • Letter of request to open such account from the Ministry and the purpose of its usage signed by Minister or deputy Minster or General Director (Agasime guud).
  • IDs /Passports of the operating individuals of the account as well their addresses
  • Proof of Identification and address of the Ministry/postal address
  • All payment receipt that consider government revenue will be transferred to Central Bank.

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The bank follows Shari’ah Law which seeks a “just” and “equitable” distribution of resources.