Other Services

  • Internet Banking
  • OTP Notifications
  • Swift/RTGS/EFT Remittance
  • Payroll Processing
  • Forex Exchange

IDMAN Community Bank Internet banking provides our customers with a safe and secure platform to keep intouch with their bank activities and statement all the time.

OTP alerts with our OTP Banking facility allows you to get instant updates of your accounts via OTP Alerts. You are now able to do your day-to-day banking on your mobile while enjoying the convenience of having your account information at your fingertips with OTP.

This automated notification service sends notification messages to all our customers to ensure the highest possible level of protection.

OTP Alerts Services allows you to keep track of your transactions 24/7 and makes your life so much easier.

Automated Notification
24/7 transactions alerts
Receive OTP notifications for transactions on all your accounts

Our SWIFT offering provides a convenient channel that enables international money remittance and payments worldwide through banks. Money transfer across banks is safe, fast and guaranteed through IDMAN Community Bank's Remittance service.

Payroll processing is electronically done in order to improve efficiency and provides a valuable benefit to your employees.
Consider this service if your company:
• Wants to reduce costs associated with payroll
• Wants to offer employees more choice
• Has a number of employees working off-site
• Would like to reduce the risk of check fraud

IDMAN Community Bank offers both customers and non-customers foreign exchange at competitive rates. We trade in most major currencies including the US Dollar,Pound and the Euro.

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The bank follows Shari’ah Law which seeks a “just” and “equitable” distribution of resources.