Idman Community Bank brings unmatched experience to a host of patrons ranging from corporate to individuals! Our Sharia-based investment banking will bring you Murabaha, Istisna’, Musharakah, Ijaraah, and Mudarabaha!

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If you are looking at financing for purchase of raw materials, home materials, goods, and etc. Then our Murabaha is best suited for you!

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Istisna’ is an ideal mode for medium to Short term finance as it offers flexible financing terms to match the Customers’ requirements.

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Opening a Joint Account can help you make a smarter decision for your finances and relationships!

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Our Ijarah promotes a confidential lease of contract in which ICB transfers the right to use of an item it owns to the client for a specific period in exchange for an agreed consideration!

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A 3 party connection between two clients and ICB in order to create a business contract, in which one party brings capital and the other brings the skills!

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The bank follows Shari’ah Law which seeks a “just” and “equitable” distribution of resources.